Blast from the Past: Havana, Cuba

Wow, welcome!

Lets just say this blog is a very long time in the making. I’ve been toying with the idea to start a blog for a while now and am super excited to share my first post.


Let’s talk about a blast from the past… my first ever trip to Cuba. Stepping off the plane in Havana was sort of like stepping into a time warp, no Wi-Fi, cell service, oh and the cars are way beyond vintage. From the very start of this three-week adventure, I knew that Cuba would be unlike anywhere I’d been before!

I was fortunate enough to travel to Cuba with 25 other students from my university to study Cuban culture and photography. When I traveled during the spring of 2014, it was almost impossible for a US citizen to visit Cuba with the embargo in place. To me this was going to be the opportunity of a lifetime, and it was.

Ispent my mornings learning about Cuban history and my afternoons exploring every part of Havana I could with my lens. Evenings would be spent listening to the smooth sounds of local jazz pianist, Roberto Fonseca and smoking on real Cuban cigars. Ringing in my 22nd birthday on the Malecón whiling sipping on Havana Club rum with new friends was more than I could ever imagine. The locals were among some of the nicest people I have ever encountered in my travels, they were so welcoming and made wandering around their country feel safe. Oh and the food, the ropa vieja at Paladar Los Amigos was melt in your mouth delicious. Can’t forget those world famous motijos, too!

When it came to shooting with my camera, I was drawn to the imperfections that the city had to offer. Everything in the infrastructure was so different than what I was used to seeing at home in the United States. Any time saw a run down building or rusting old 1960s car; I immediately had to stop to capture the image.

Two years later, I have amazing photographs to keep the memories of that trip alive!






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