Long Weekend: Florence, Italy

Ciao from Italy!!

So I’ve been here since Tuesday morning, and have meaning to do a post but there has just been so much to do and see so far. Lets just say, I’m in love with Italy and never coming back!!!!

I’m here for three weeks, traveling and exploring everything Italian.

My home base is in the small village of Buguggiate a province of Varase, which is 45 minutes outside of Milan. HUGE, HUGE thank you to Erica and Claudio, my very close family friends, for letting me stay at their lovely home and show me around Italy.




Before coming to Italy, I didn’t book any trips, I decided to wing it and book once I got here. First trip of the three weeks is Tuscany, yay!! Erica and Claudio planned a long weekend to visit Florence, Pisa, Luca, and Siena for my first official trip in Italy. This morning we started the long four hour drive down from the mountains of Buguggiate to Florence. I loved the drive down, I got to see the motorways in Italy and stop at the nicest highway rest room I’ve ever seen. Nothing like those gross pit stops you see back home.

First stop on the way to Florence was lunch in the small town of Artimino at da Delfina. It was the quintessential Tuscan restaurant, I felt like I was stepping into someone’s home. We started with a smooth bottle of Chianti from the town of Artimino, probably one of the best Chianti’s I’ve ever hard. First course, I had home made pasta with a white ragu of chicken, which of course was to die for. Erica has a classic Tuscan dish of Ribollita, which is ‘ beans, vegetables, and bread. Next course, the three of us split two of the local Florentine beef steak. OH MY GOD, it was melt in your mouth amazing. Cooked at the perfect temp of rare in the center and medium on the outside. Now, I’m not a big red meat eater, but this was too good to pass up on seconds. Obviously we finished the meal with a nice shot of Italian espresso.




Our hotel situation is pretty awesome. We’re at the Una Hotel right outside of Florence, it’s about at 15 minute walk into the city center. For me being the lover of contemporary art, this place is just my type, its wicked contemporary and modern, and designed by Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre. Check out the pictures…This place is too cool! (Yes, that’s me taking pictures in the mirror of my pink bedroom and me at the hotel bar for aperitive)



Anyways, off to bed now… heading to Uffizi very early in the morning and then in search of some decadent gelato.

I’m in Tuscany until Monday, so don’t worry there will be more posts to come soon!!

XO Marguerite


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