Delicious Eats: Tuscany, Italy

I really enjoyed being in Tuscany for the first time this weekend. Though the weather but not great, it rained the whole weekend, it was still great time!

Let’s get down to food, obviously my favorite part. I definitely ate and drank my far share of delicious meals and good wine in the pass four days!

In the small village of Artimino, we went to Ristorante Da Delfina. It was like stepping into a quant Tuscan home. I know I wrote about this restaurant in a previous post, but it was just too good not to mention in my final round up. Definitely get the beef! Melt in your mouth good.

Our first meal in Florence came after visiting the Uffizi Gallery. Right near the Medici Chapel is Trattoria San Lorenzo. It was a good choice in a pitch especially with the inclement rain that was starting to drizzle outside. We order a nice glass of Chianti each and then a plate of prosciutto and pecorino. The two different choice of pecorino paired lovely with the prosciutto and red wine.

IMG_8090 (1).jpg

Gelato time!!! Went to Carapina for a small dish of chocolate and vanilla gelato. Was amazing, enough said. (Cover Photo)

Dinner at 4 Leoni was an amazing choice made by close friends of Erica and Claudio. Don’t forget to make a reservation here, as they have two seatings at 7:30 or 9:30. We opted for the 9:30 one, because hey when in Europe the Europeans like to eat late. We had a large carafe of Chianti for the table (Are you sensing a pattern here? Always order Chianti in Tuscany!). For a starter I had three crostini’s of cannellini beans, Tuscan kale with olive oil, and chicken liver. My choice for dinner was homemade tagliatelle with a white sauce and two large prawns. The tagliatelle was cooked to the perfect al dente and the prawns were straight from the sea fresh. Desert was a must here as well; their carpaccio of pineapple with a cream gelato in the center was the perfect way to end the meal.


My last meal in Florence was definitely not your usual Tuscan meal but I was ready for a little change so I headed straight for Koto Ramen. I had heard about this new hip place through another blog, Girl in Florence (check it out! She has great recommendations for everything in Florence). I could tell that this is the new IT spot by the line running out the door. I decided to take the initiative and head to the front since it was just me dining that evening. Good thing I did because there was one spot left at the small bar. The inside of Koto is really modern with contemporary light fixtures and a neon sign in the dining room. I started with a kirin beer and gyoza dumplings filled with chicken and cabbage with a tangy sauce for dipping. For my ramen, I decided on a small miso ramen filled with meat broth, two fatty slabs of pork, noodles, spinach, corn, and scallions for garnish. Boy, was I in heaven… it was so, so good! They had a matcha cake for desert, which I obviously couldn’t pass up on and ended up eating the whole thing within minutes. Lets just say the entire experience was amazing! The host at the front was even nice enough to call a cab for me to get back to my hotel (again, it was pouring rain out). You must check this place out if you’re in the Florence area any time soon!! Please



The final meal in Tuscany was at Onda Marina Ristorante in the small coastal town of Viareggio. The pasta with clams was very yummy and the whole fish of orate, a Mediterranean fish was nice and moist. Another great meal in Tuscany!




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