Fondanzione Prada: Milan, Italy

“You mean like Prada the fashion house, Prada?” That was my question when Erica asked if I wanted to see the newly unveiled Fondanzione Prada in Milan this week. Of course I wanted to go, ANYTHING in the name of art or fashion and I’m there. I’d heard about the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris recently creating their new space designed by Frank Gerhy, so I knew that without a doubt the Fondaztione Prada would be amazing. Well, I was blown away…

Being that the space was unveiled in May 2015, I was lucky enough to visit it during its inaugural year.

Located in an old distillery, Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas creates a minimalist space for the Fondanzione Prada to exhibit and share the art to the public.

Billboard on the way 


Entrance to the ticket office

I have to tell you, a lot of the artwork I saw was really shocking and 24 hours later I am still trying to take it all in. I have a great love for contemporary art, therefore I have a great appreciation for what some would call “the weird art” or “how can that possibly be art”. If I didn’t have that perspective then I don’t think I would have fully understood or really valued all that Fondazione Prada had to offer.

To be honest, I’m having a hard time trying to explain everything that I saw. I would probably go back several more times if I had the opportunity. Here’s what I do have to say, let some of the pictures I took do the talking, but let it be known that they don’t do justice to the entire space or work. I would say this is a MUST, MUST see while in Milan, but keep a completely open mind.

I cannot wait to go back to Fondanzione Prada someday soon!

Lucio Fontana
Robert Gober
To The Son of Man Who Ate The Scroll, Goshka Macuga



Chocolate Velvet covered walls

Cover Image: Work by Robert Gober


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