Traveling Solo: Venice, Italy

I’ve just returned from a long weekend in Venice. It was fabulous! Ever since I started traveling when I was younger Venice has been one of the top places I’ve always wanted to go.

This weekend getaway marked my first official solo, solo trip.

In the days before I left for Venice I had two meltdowns about traveling alone. I’m all about honesty here so yes, I cried to my mom over skype. “What if I get lost?” “I don’t know the language” “But, I’m all alone”. “Maybe I’m just not meant to travel my myself”. She told me to get over myself, that I’ve been traveling for me entire life and it was time to experience this journey. So I toughened up. I knew when I planned this trip last fall that I would be doing the most of my travels with me, my self, and I. I am a seasoned traveler. I’ve flown alone countless times. I’ve been in strange situations, like the time during study abroad in Paris when I almost missed my train to Den Haag and I sprinted through the 10th arrondissement to reach Gare du Nord. I mean I’m fully capable but in a quick moment I thought I wasn’t, which is ridiculous.

The quick summary: I survived and loved every minute of it.

Here’s what did happen: Yes I got lost but that was the best part about Venice, getting lost and exploring the little alley ways while finding new adventures along the way. Also, I had a map and was not afraid to use it or ask for directions. Not knowing the language was fine, I really had no problem. Finally, I was all alone, but I really liked it. I felt safe walking around Venice too. I do wish I was able to share everything I saw with someone else, but you know, it was amazing to be lost in my own thoughts and really take in everything about Venice.

Thinking back to my meltdowns (so childish of me), why was I so apprehensive? I’m an only child and my mom raised me to be an independent person. I genuinely like being alone, going at my own pace and schedule when I’m at home so why not do the same while traveling.

My Final Thoughts: DO go travel alone. It’s refreshing to able just go at it alone.

When traveling alone you find ways to snap a picture of yourself






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