Candy Colored Walls: Rome Italy

After seeing all the must see points of interest in Rome the day before, my last day was devoted to roaming the streets of Trastevere.

I hopped on the H bus from Termini, showed the driver my map, and pointed at Trastevere. “What stop do I get off at?” I asked. He replied in Italian “Cinque” and held up five fingers. “Oh, fifth stop… Grazie!” Once the large bus crossed over the Tiber River, I knew I’d reached my destination.

Instead of consulting my map, I decided to wander. Really see the streets of the Roman neighborhood that so many people had told me to go see.

Narrow cobble covered streets and alleyways are lined with candy colored walls.




And of course the ubiquitous scenes of laundry can be found hanging up above.



For lunch, a friend recommended I try Bir en Fud, for really good pizza and beer.


Thank you for a wonderful day, Trastevere. I will be back someday.


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