Dreaming of Gelato

Creamy salted caramel mixed with a scoop of decadent vanilla. How good does that sound?

I would do anything to be back in Italy enjoying some delicious gelato in warm weather. The best part about gelato is when it’s so good, you don’t even think about the calories. You welcome them!

So to add to my post Italian trip depression, when I got back on Monday, I was greeted with a case of the flu…seriously not fun. Currently coming at you live from my cozy bed. But hey, a girl can dream about gelato, right? I mean when I’m sick I crave either pull ‘n’ peel twizzlers or ice cream. This post is about the latter, obviously.

To try and make myself feel better I thought I’d share my three favorite gelato spots from my trip. Enjoy!

Come il Latte

This was hands down the best gelato I had during my entire three weeks. I went back twice within 24 hours. To me the stand out flavors were salted caramel and vanilla (Cover Photo). Plus the added chocolate drizzle on top is too good. I also loved that the walls inside were lined with old fashion milk bottles, being that milk and cream are key components of gelato. OH EMM GEE. AMAZING. THE BEST. JUST GO



Via Spaventa 26, 00187 Roma, Italy

La Romana

When I visited Romana it was a beautiful, 65 degree day outside. I was craving something sweet and cool. I stumbled upon this long line outside of the gelateria and decided if there is a line out the door with locals, then I have to try it. I had chocolate and cream with milk chocolate drizzle inside the cone. This place did not disappoint. Creamy and delicious, exactly what I wanted. Yes, this place is a chain, but it was so good.



Via Alessandro Volta 6, 21100 Varese, Italy


Their vanilla and chocolate was the perfect sweet treat I needed after a long, long day at the Uffizi. It was my first taste of gelato during the three weeks, and was an indication that I would encounter amazing gelato for the rest of the trip, which I sure did! Another chain, but well worth it.


Via Lambertesca, 18, 50122 Firenze, Italy


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