Exploring the 512: Austin, Texas

Two weeks since my last post, so sorry! I was crazed with planning and researching for this past weekend in Austin. My first time to Texas did not disappoint! Amazing food, sights, and people!!

I had three reasons for choosing Austin for a long weekend getaway:

1. The Food Scene

2. The Live Music

3. The Weather

If you’ve been reading up on my blog I’m a self declared foodie, so number 1 was an obvious reason. For number 2, I heard that Austin was the live music capital of the country and a perfect place to catch some of the local players. Being from New England, I knew that by April I’d be dying for some warm sunshine, which is where number 3 comes in.

But really, I heard it was an all around really cool, up and coming place to visit. So why not try some place new? So glad I did!!

Here’s a glimpse into my girls weekend in Austin.

More posts to come soon on the immense food truck scene and some vintage finds. Enjoy!


Casey and I exploring South Congress
Castle Hills Graffiti Park



Lazy Sunday at Zilker Park
Congress Ave Bat Bridge
Release the Bats! So Cool
Live music on 6th Street
my favorite street art
Austin Capital Building
Inside the capital building




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