Spring Adventures: Cape Cod, MA

Spring time on Cape Cod is one of my favorite times of the year. All the seasonal restaurants start to re-open, the flowers begin to bloom, and the weather finally starts to warm up. With this warmer weather its finally time to start exploring some of the secret spots that the Cape has to offer.

Yesterday’s adventure: An abandoned Cold War Air Force Base

Okay, first off-How have I lived on Cape Cod my entire life but never heard of the North Truro Air Force Station?!

I have a weird love for abandoned buildings so I was exciting to explore this old spot.

A little extra information about the Truro Air Force Base:

  • It was one country’s first radar squadrons
  • Squadron members helped during the Cold War to help watch for Soviet bombs/ missiles
  • The base was active from 1950-1985

We mostly explored the housing where the air force members lived and not the actual base itself, as that was completely gated off and closed. Since it’s been closed for many decades, here what the abandoned beauty of this former military base looks like now…


Nothing illegal here… The area that I took my pictures are was not closed off










Do you know of any other abandoned buildings for me to check out around the New England area? Let me know!


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