Mad for Matcha: Cape Cod, MA

Lets talk about one of my favorite places on Cape, Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters.

Remember when I was in San Diego way back, I said I could never find a place for matcha green tea lattes at home? Well, scratch that! I found the perfect place and only 15 minutes from my house on Cape Cod. How did I get so lucky!?


I don’t even know where to start about how much I’m obsessed with Snowy Owl. The owner, Manuel, is super nice and accommodating, as well as all of his staff.

The inside is quaint and comfy. Mix and match chairs that seem to fit together perfectly. The décor is all in the details here. Something is always catching my eye whether it is the modern but antique light fixtures or the nice wooden chest table that I’m currently sitting at. They even have a mini library with Eat, Pray, Love and Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer’s Quest to Find Zen on the Sea, plus many more. The soft sounds of The xx and Sigur Ros help to set the mood too.

Did I mention that in the back is an Herbal Apothecary shop? Must check that out…Be sure to see the chickens roaming around too

Here’s what’s up- you HAVE to come here to relax with a nice warm cup of coffee or tea. Trust me. It has that inviting vibe that makes you not what to leave long after your coffee or in my case, matcha, is gone…


Chris loves Snowy Owl’s espresso
Found on the community board

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