Authentic Pizza: Cape Cod, MA

Everyone loves pizza, right? How can you not…

After my trip to Italy four months ago I haven’t been eating much pizza for fear that nothing will compare to Italy’s finest, but lucky for me there is amazing authentic Neapolitan pizza restaurant on Cape Cod, Pizza Barbone. It happens to be an absolute favorite of my mom and I, as we frequent their Hyannis location often.

Owners Jason and Ali have created a great place to enjoy a glass of wine and yummy Italian fare, plus they are always friendly and welcoming. With their recent fifth anniversary celebration, I trust that Pizza Barbone will continue to go strong with their remarkable flavors and mouth-watering food.

Barbone Meatballs

All the pizza is baked in their handcrafted Stefano Ferrara oven, which leaves the pizza with a crunchy and smoky crust. Half the fun of going to Pizza Barbone is watching them prepare the pizza and cooking it to perfection in the oven. The classic Margherita and Bianca Verde are must tries.


Roasted Beet Salad
Bianca Verde

TIP: Make sure you save room for Jason’s five star desserts. The new key lime frozen yogurt was unlike any dessert I’ve had before.

Key lime frozen yogurt, jalepeno meringue, graham cracker crumb with coconut snow




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