Lots of Lobster: Cape Cod, MA

Happy Summer Everyone!

With last week marking the official start of the season, Cape Cod summers are in full effect, especially with the upcoming Fourth of July weekend upon us. I’m so blessed to live on Cape and see all that it has to offer during these summer months. From sunning and swimming on the beach, to exploring the National Shore, to enjoying yummy treats, there is always fun to be had.

Speaking of summer eats, one food in particular comes to mind: LOBSTER.

There are a plethora of places to find amazing lobster rolls on Cape, but my favorite remains to be Sesuit Harbor Café. They boast what I think are the best lobster rolls ever! Located on Northside Marina on Cape Cod Bay, this is the spot that locals and tourist flock to for all things seafood.




If not only for the great food, the view is spectacular too! This is the perfect place to bring a cooler of wine or beer (they’re BYOB) and enjoy the boats sailing by while you have your delicious meal.

Lobster Caesar is my go to!
Amaze clam strip plate
Here I am enjoying the view and my beer 😉

Now that you know my favorite summertime meal, what’s yours? Oh and Happy Fourth of July for those celebrating- have fun and stay safe!


7 comments on “Lots of Lobster: Cape Cod, MA

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Maggie! It’s such a fun place! You’re right…..best lobstah rolls around. As for another favorite summer place…..Tim and I love to go to Captain Cass. Have you been? True Cape character!


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