Rejuvenated and Relaxed

Hi All!

Towards the end of July I took a much needed mini vacation to kind of bring myself back to life. This summer has been busy! I’ve been working a ton plus getting everything ready for my big move to NYC this fall for graduate school.

To help get rid of some stress and have down time I headed to Kripalu Center of Health and Yoga in Stockbridge, MA for a rest and relaxation retreat.

I was able to practice yoga three to four times a day with long time yoga practitioners, which really helped to improve my own yoga practice. The vast nature of the Berkshires provided an ideal spot for silent meditation. Plus, the ayurvedic food options really helped to cleanse my body. I also chose to go on a technology detox during my stay to become completely disconnected.

After three days my mind and body were fully refreshed and recharged. It was an experience I’ll never forget.


Since I’ve been back, I’ve been continuing my yoga practice and trying to stay in the same state of mind I was while at Kripalu, just relaxed and stress-free.

Food wise, I want to continue to fuel my body with organic options. I mean I’m totally guilty of splurging on food- I consider myself a “foodie”. So I was really excited during a Sunday brunch outing with my mom and her boyfriend when we stumbled on Bōl in Wellfleet for a healthier brunch option.


We are all acai bowl eating newbies and it showed when it came to ordering. Luckily the staff and customers were super friendly and informative in telling us all about this yummy super food. We got two bowls to share: the Whydah made from acai and the Somerset made with pitaya. The colors and flavors were unbelievable! We also enjoyed cup of cold brew and turmeric glow lemonade.

From left to right: Somerset and Whydah


Let’s just say that all three of us are now addicted…I guess we are officially acai Bōl-ers now!

Anyone else loving acai bowls? Also, for those yogis out there I’m always looking for new music to listen to when I practice yoga at home so let me know of anything you particularly like!


One comment on “Rejuvenated and Relaxed

  1. I’ve been to Kripalu many times and love it
    there! Thank you for telling us about this place in Wellfleet! Can’t wait to try it!


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