New Beginnings

Hey Everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and wow do I have a lot to share with you!

So here’s my official goodbye to summer 2016. It was a much different summer than I was expecting but that’s a whole other story. Anyways, I am so ready for fall and NEW beginnings. I must say I really love September this year as it’s a time of change, and I am also going through a major transitioning period in my life.

Let’s backtrack just a little…

Last fall marked my “year off” in between undergrad and grad school. As many of you might know if you follow my blog, I took the time off to live at home on Cape Cod and travel. I was so fortunate to explore within the US, Caribbean, and Europe. Also during the last year I was hard at work on my graduate school applications, let’s just say studying six months for the GRE was not fun, but all the hard work has paid off… as last week I started my first semester as a master’s candidate in visual arts administration at New York University.

Now, two weeks have passed since my official move and I’ve been really acclimating myself with my new neighborhood, Williamsburg. First off, I’m obsessed with Williamsburg and Brooklyn in general. I’ve never spent too much time in the area but I’m so glad I moved to the borough. Here is everything I’ve been exploring so far!

Found my local coffee shop for matcha: Charter Coffeehouse


My local go-to sushi place: Momo Sushi Shack



The brick walls in my apartment are giving me all the feels

How cool is this print I got in Provincetown town last year?!

I’m loving living on the L train. It makes for an easy commute to NYU.


And of course. I’m so inspired by all the street art in Williamsburg


My amazing mom came to help me move



Hey readers! Thanks for being patient during my blogging lull. Now that I’m in NYC there will be plenty more delicious excursions to be had and posted about! Chat soon


6 comments on “New Beginnings

  1. Hi Maggie! Congratulations on becoming an NYU student! How exciting for you. Enjoy this new chapter in your life. I love all the pictures as always! Have a wonderful first fall in Williamsburg and at NYU. Can’t wait to see all your foodie reports and pictures!
    Lynn (E.-M.)

    Liked by 1 person

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