Gallery Hopping: New York City

Seriously, the best part of studying visual arts at NYU is that I can go see some of the best museums and galleries in the world. It’s actually one of the main reasons I chose the program. The art scene in New York City is prime- there is always a new opening or exhibition to be seen. Basically I’ve been on a major gallery kick as of lately by trying to soak up as much of the arts as possible.

Some of the best shows I’ve seen so far still have three weeks left until they close, so go check them out soon! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

Daniel Arsham

On view through October 22 at Galerie Perrotin

For Arshams first NYC solo show he featured a large-scale installation and sculpture with great emphasis on color I was totally blown away by this installation by an artist I’d never heard of before. I will definitely keep tabs on him for future exhibits. Instagram approved, for sure! I’ll shamelessly admit that I took a couple of selfies. (Featured Image: Daniel Arsham, Blue Calcite Football Jersey, 2016)

Amethyst Sports Ball Cavern, 2016
How can you resist take a selfie in this installation, right?!


Rashid Johnson

On view through October 22 at Hauser & Wirth

I’ve been fortunate enough to see Johnson’s Fly Away exhibit twice now, once on opening night and then again when my mom came to visit. Each time I went I was able to catch a different detail that I missed before. A must see for sure!

My mom photobombed to show you the size of the installation
closer details


On view through October 22 at Lehmann Maupin

Chances are you’ve definitely heard of this famous duo before… Was really interesting to see the street artist’s work inside a gallery space rather than out in the public.


Richard Serra

On view through October 22 at Gagosian Gallery

I’ve always loved Serra’s work ever since first hearing about him in art history class back in undergrad. I’m also fortunate to have seen his work before at LACMA and he never disappoints with his large-scale sheet metal installations.

Through, 2015
Every Which Way, 2015


Leave me some comments of any shows in the NY area that I should check out! I love recommendations!!


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