Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest

There is constantly a flux of art events happening in New York City. And sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but I’m taking it all in. Seems like each week I’m going to an opening, artist talk, or checking out a new show.

A big highlight for me happened the other week when I went to hear Thelma Golden speak about the role of a curator . I was totally geeking out! Golden is a major curator and currently the Director &  Chief Curator at the Studio Museum in Harlem. She is someone I look up to as I hope to curate some day.

I had one question for her when I introduced myself after the talk: What’s the one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring curator? Her response was to study all my art history and go see as much artwork as I possibly could.

I’m keeping my promise, Thelma! I’ve been soaking up all I can.

Right now at the New Museum is a MUST, MUST see exhibition…

Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest

AMAZE! Fantastic video installations! I saw the show last week and I’m still thinking about it.

The exhibition is filled with naked bodies, plants, flowers, and underwater life surrounded by pure color. In her New York Times review, Roberta Smith called it a “kaleidoscope of color”, I could not agree more.

I really enjoyed how the curators created the space within the gallery walls. There were beds and pillows to sit on to watch the video installations on loop. You could get lost in the imagery for hours. I know I sure did. I even watched Sip My Ocean (1996) at least five times because I was so captivated by the psychedelic music and the vivid underwater imagery.



On the second floor there are individualized head booths for visitors to see her videos.


The third floor is the artists Pixel Forest, totally instagram worthy, consisting of hanging globes that look like crystal that are constantly changing color. It was like a walking through a maze of crystal membranes.


Final Thoughts: I think Pipilotti is a badass artists and I can’t wait to learn more about her work and process. I will positively being returning to Pixel Forest again before the show closes in January.

FYI: My images are not the best since the entirety of the show is video installation. I definitely recommend seeing this show if it’s the one exhibition you get to.


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