Currently Craving: Comfort Food

I’m not going to get political here, but last week was rough, so my friends and I got together over the weekend to see Rules of Change at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, a contemporary dance performance with music composed by Pharrell. Afterwards we went out for sushi and drinks to just chat, gossip and enjoy each other’s company. There is something about good food and friends that always makes things feel better, right?

It got me to thinking about comfort food… One of my favorites that I often find myself craving when I want something comforting are noodles.

So to change the dialogue of this past week I thought I’d talk about something light and share two of favorite places I’ve found to get yummy, spicy noodles:

Xi’an Famous Foods

Want to go somewhere that Anthony Bourdain, Food Network, Travel Channel and many more love? Well then head straight to Xi’an Famous Foods. I’ve been drooling over their Instagram pictures for a while now.

The Spicy Cumin Lamb Hand-Ripped Noodles are unbelievable. The spices and the freshness of the noodles are absurdly good.


TIP: The noodles are best eaten right on site while they are fresh. Xi’an recommends always eating hand pulled noodles right after they are made, no take out.

 Win Son

I stumbled on this Taiwanese- American gem last time my mom was in town and I’m so glad we did. The server could not have been more accommodating to us in explaining the entire menu as well as vegetarian options for mom.

The fried eggplant with spicy cashews was perfectly balanced with the creamy kefir. As far as my comfort food, the sesame peanut noodles with juicy pieces of pork did not disappoint. Spicy, for sure!

Sorry for the dark image!
fried eggplant- not noodles but too good not to write about

Win Son should be at the top of your list for next time you’re looking to try a new modern twist on tapas in East Williamsburg.

Know any places to get amazing noodles, ramen, or pho in NYC or Brooklyn? Let me know!


5 comments on “Currently Craving: Comfort Food

  1. Suggestion.

    When you post about restaurants, put address, telephone and web site info in your post. Sometimes, location matters when there are multiple locations.

    Have you tried that place in Chelsea Market that was written up in the Times?



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